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"Minha Terra" is my new single. Check it out...

Minha Terra

1,20 €Price
  • Ruca Rebordão releases “Minha Terra”, the third single from the album “Mestiço Atlântico” (which will be available on the digital market in early 2023).
    With lyrics by José Fialho Gouveia, this single features the special participation of Luiz Caracol - music composition, voice and guitars. The musical production of the song and the album are by Ciro Bertini, who also participates as a guest musician in different songs and compositions in partnership with Ruca Rebordão.

    For Ruca Rebordão, “Minha Terra” describes the way of being and living in an ideal, free, egalitarian, fair place. A text that is always current, a dream that guides the construction of this album.

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